MJR Comparison Chart

MJR-7000   MJR-8000N
100 Employees 250
Yes Day Light Savings Time Yes
Yes Prints Hours in AM/PM or 0-23 Yes
  Prints Punches in Minutes or Hundredths Yes
Yes Prints Totals in Minutes or Hundredths Yes
Yes Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly Pay Periods Yes
Yes Two Categories Daily Overtime Yes
Yes Two Categories Weekly Overtime Yes
  Bi-Weekly 8/80 Overtime Yes
Yes Round IN and OUT Punch  
  Round IN punch Only Yes
  Round OUT Punch Only Yes
Yes Paid Break Yes
Yes Automatic Break Deduction Yes
Yes Day Change Override Yes
  Split Shift Calculation Yes
Yes Lockout Yes (cannot use red print)
  Prints in Red Yes  (cannot use lockout)
32 Number of IN and OUT Zone Rounding  30
  Pay Rates Yes
  Calculates Gross Pay Yes
  Department Numbers Yes
  Prints Employee Names on Time Cards Yes
  Prints Employee Number Yes
  Prints Department Number Yes
  Prints File Number Yes
  Prints Pay Period Ending Date Yes

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