MJR-8000N Amano Cincinnati
Automatically Calculates Time On the Time Cards -Assure employees that time and attendance transactions are being recorded properly by letting them see punches on the time card Selectable Print Format - Accommodates your existing payroll practices by letting you print day and date, AM/PM or military hours, regular minutes or hundredths 
250 Employee Capacity - Accommodates up to 250 employees per clock Unlimited Punches per day - Accommodates almost any type of pay period 
Separate Regular and Overtime Hours Programmable Zones for lockout or red print - Allows you to prevent unauthorized work activities or print all deviations to your schedules in red
Automatic Card Ingestion  -Prevents misprint/overprints on time card.  Employees drop the card in the MJR, and the MJR does the rest. Repeat Punch Protection - Ensures accurate calculation by preventing employee from having multiple punches within a specified period of time 
Automatic Daylight Savings Time Adjustment - Sets itself up and back automatically for Daylight Savings Time Optional Signal Capability  - Eliminates clock watching by alerting employees to the start/end of break, lunch, shift etc. 
 Programmable Lunch and Breaks - Automatically Deduct Lunch or Breaks  Flexible Schedule Capability
Amano Cincinnatiís MJR-8000N is designed for companies who want the accuracy and power of automated time and attendance system without giving up the use of time cards.  The MJR-8000N is a time card-based data collection terminal that collects time and attendance data and records individual punches on time cards.  It also saves time and effort by allowing you to automatically print employee names on time cards.  Your employees gain immediate assurance that their attendance and work activities are being recorded properly, while your managers gain more control over payroll costs.  Rechargeable battery backup prevents data loss during power failures and the optional Full Power Reserve Battery will allow limited punches even during power failures.
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