Patrol Manager - Parallel System

A basic DETEX Parallel Kit Watchtour System contains a series of DATA STRIPS located where you would normally locate KEY STATIONS. Each strip has a number embedded which can only be read by the DAU. The DAU is swiped across the DATA STRIP.


The DATA ACQUISITION UNIT (DAU) is used to "READ" the DATA STRIPS. It can be carried in the pocket, holster, or on a safety chain. The DAU is swiped across each DATA STRIP transferring the strip number into the DAU memory. The time of each swipe is also stored. When all the DATA STRIPS have been read, the DAU is placed into the DTU to transfer the tour data to the printer.
After the rounds are finished, supervisory personnel issue the proper commands to the DAU and place it in the DATA TRANSFER UNIT (DTU). The DTU is used to transfer the Tour Data from the DAU to a PARALLEL PRINTER.
The DTU is connected to a PARALLEL PRINTER which accepts the data transfer and prints out the tour data. (Printer Not Included)
 There are other systems that can be built upon the basic Parallel Kit. The Parallel Kit allows the guard to make his round, recording the time and dates at each station.

Other information can, with attachments, be printed out. This can be the NAME or LOCATION of each station: ( FRONT DOOR, COMPUTER ROOM, ASSEMBLY AREA, etc. )
Name of the guard making the round; any irregularities:  ( LIGHTS LEFT ON, DOOR UNLOCKED, FIRE EXTINGUISHER NEED SERVICE, etc.).

A PC is NOT Required for the Parallel System. We do have the "Easy Tour" system that is designed to work with the PC.

A Serial Kit is available for customers with Serial Printers.

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