Time Stamps, Book & Page Stamps 

and Validating Equipment

Time Stamps/Validating Stamps 

Prints Year, Month, Date, and Time -- 97 MAY 04 12:00 



Mail Room verify receipt of incoming mail
Banks stamp deposit slips to verify deposits 
stamp vault-entry documents
Restaurants stamp guest check to measure meal preparation and/or serving time
Procurement Offices stamp incoming bid documents to verify pre-deadline receipt
Hospitals stamp lab documents to verify completed test procedures
Tax Office stamp customer receipts to verify paid tax
Stock Broker fulfill legal requirements to record time and date on buy/sell documents

 Die Plates are available to print above and/or below the TIME. These may say RECEIVED, PAID, PROCESSED, or almost any other message you need. Facsimile signatures are available. (Restrictions apply to length of message.)

Sample Print   RECEIVED 
09 MAY 04 12:00 
Systronic Systems

Book and Page Stamps

Book and Page Stamps can print the Book and Page number on your document.  Manually set the Book and Page number the first document and then the stamp automatically updates the page number as each document is printed.  Each machine is custom made to your requirements. 

Book and  Page







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