Systronic Systems




Embedded Linux OS, offering performance, stability and choices of Real Time, plus Models

Multiple password Access Levels

High Frame Rate and low HDD usage, amazing economics and storage capacity

IDView CYSV-8 RealTime



Operating System Embedded Linux using System-on-Chip Technoliogy
Video Input 8, 16 BNC
Video Output D-type VGA connector, TV-Out
Compression MPEG-4
Security Multiple Passwords
Monitoring and Recording  
Display Speed NTSC: 120/220
Display Mode 1,4,6,8,9,10,13,16
Resolution 120 fps / 240 fps
Recording Speed NTSC 10 Levels of Recording Quality
Adjustable fps per Camera Up to 20 fps on the CY - SV System
Hard Disk Storage per request
Internal Storage 1 TB Maximum (case dependent)
Playback 4 channel play back at the same time
Record Mode 7 days x 24 hours continuous/motion/no record
Date Code Time/Date - Prevent date from modification
Digital Watermark Allows verification of data integrity

        Systronic Systems
        121 Southpointe Drive Suite A
        Byram, MS 39272
  Telephone: 601-346-2701
  Fax: 601-346-2703


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