Systronic Systems


Crest DVR

16 Ch. DVR w/ 320Gig HDD
  • 16 Channel Digital Recorder w/ 320Gig HDD - PC Based
  • MPEG4 Compression
  • 640 x 480 Resolution w/ 120FPS Global Recording Rate
  • 4 Audio Channels w/ Two-Way Communication
  • 4 Input Sensors & Output Controls
  • Multi-Zone Motion Detection w/ Zone Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Quad-Plex Technology - View Live & Recorded Video
  • Record Video and Back-Up Video
  • Cool Drive Technology Designed for High Intensity Digital Recording
  • Included Remote Software Allows for Complete Administration of Multiple DVRs Simultaneously


120fps record and display Listen to live and recorded audio
Spot Monitor Output Adjustable Motion Sensitivity
Up to 3.0TB of internal storage Multi platform remote software

Remote Administration

Available in server tower - optional

        Systronic Systems
        121 Southpointe Drive Suite A
        Byram, MS 39272
  Telephone: 601-346-2701
  Fax: 601-346-2703


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